Brooklyn-Style Pizza: A Culinary Icon of New York City

Brooklyn-Style Pizza

Brooklyn-style pizza stands as a testament to the culinary diversity and innovation that defines New York City’s pizza culture. Originating from Italian immigrants who brought their traditional techniques to America, this style has evolved into a beloved icon, celebrated for its thin, crispy crust and unique toppings.

Key Characteristics of Brooklyn-Style Pizza

Brooklyn-style pizza is distinguished by its thin, hand-stretched crust that offers a delicate balance of crispiness and tenderness. Unlike its thicker counterparts like Chicago deep dish, Brooklyn pizza emphasizes a lighter eating experience, often served in large, rectangular slices that are ideal for folding.

The Crust and Dough

The dough for Brooklyn-style pizza is typically made from bread flour, sometimes incorporating cornmeal to enhance its crispiness. This dough is stretched thin by hand, ensuring it bakes quickly and evenly, resulting in a crust that is crispy on the outside yet soft inside.

Cheese and Toppings

Unlike deep-dish pizzas which are laden with cheese and toppings, Brooklyn-style pizza uses a blend of 55% provolone and 45% mozzarella, giving it a creamy texture with less cheese overall. Toppings are often kept minimal to highlight the quality of the crust and cheese.

The Evolution of Brooklyn-Style Pizza

Brooklyn-style pizza has undergone significant evolution since its humble beginnings. Initially simple, with basic ingredients like tomato sauce and cheese, it expanded post-World War II to include a variety of richer toppings, catering to changing tastes while maintaining its thin-crust tradition.

Popularity and Recognition

By the 1950s and 60s, Brooklyn-style pizza gained popularity beyond New York, becoming recognized for its foldable slices and distinctive flavor profile. Today, it remains a symbol of Brooklyn’s cultural identity and culinary prowess.

How Brooklyn Style Pizza is Made

The process of making Brooklyn-style pizza involves meticulous attention to dough stretching and topping distribution:

The Dough Preparation

The dough is prepared using bread flour, ensuring it stretches thinly without compromising its structure. A touch of oil is added to achieve a crisp exterior upon baking.

Toppings Selection

Provolone and mozzarella cheeses are combined to create a creamy base, complementing toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausage. This combination enhances the overall flavor without overwhelming the delicate crust.

Brooklyn-Style Pizza

    Serving and Enjoying Brooklyn-Style Pizza

    Traditionally served in square or rectangular slices, Brooklyn-style pizza allows for easy folding, making it convenient and portable. This method of serving preserves the integrity of the thin crust while ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

    Customization and Variations

    While traditionally cut into squares, some establishments offer triangular cuts to cater to different preferences. This flexibility allows customers to enjoy Brooklyn-style pizza in their preferred manner.


    Brooklyn-style pizza continues to captivate pizza enthusiasts worldwide with its thin, crispy crust and unique blend of cheeses and toppings. Its evolution from a humble immigrant dish to a global culinary icon underscores its enduring appeal and cultural significance.

    Whether enjoyed at a local pizzeria or recreated at home, Brooklyn-style pizza offers a delicious taste of New York City’s rich culinary heritage. Embrace the tradition, savor each bite, and experience the essence of Brooklyn in every slice.