How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven Step by Step

Pizza Oven

If you’ve ever savored the taste of wood-fired pizza and dreamt of having your own outdoor pizza oven, this guide is for you. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner, building your own pizza oven can be a rewarding project that enhances your culinary adventures right in your backyard.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Decide on the Type of Oven

Begin by choosing whether you want a brick oven or a pizza oven kit based on your preferences and budget. Consider factors like portability and size.

Step 2. Prepare a Materials List

Create a comprehensive list of materials needed, including firebricks, standard bricks, refractory mortar, and optional items like a premade clay dome or archway.

Step 3. Prepare the Base

Prepare the foundation for your oven using materials like pit gravel, sand, and concrete pavers. This ensures a stable base for your pizza oven.

Step 4. Use Cement Blocks for Elevation

Stack cement blocks to elevate the pizza oven base to a comfortable working height, ensuring proper insulation and heat retention.

Step 5. Build the Firebrick Base

Construct the base of the oven using firebricks, mortaring them to the pavers. This forms a sturdy and level surface for your oven.

Step 6. Construct the Dome Base

Depending on your choice of a premade clay dome or firebricks, build the base of the oven dome accordingly, ensuring alignment and stability.

Step 7. Place the Clay Dome

If using a premade clay dome, securely position it on the firebrick base and mortar it in place. Alternatively, continue building the dome with firebricks.

Step 8. Secure the Archway

Attach the archway using refractory mortar, ensuring it provides structural integrity and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor pizza oven.

Step 9. Install Thermocouple K Wire

Mount Thermocouple K Wire on the dome for temperature monitoring, a crucial step for precision cooking in your wood-fired oven.

Step 10. Add Another Layer of Firebricks

Mortar additional firebricks on top of the dome to complete its structure, ensuring all gaps are filled for optimal insulation and heat retention.

Step 11. Build the Outer Oven Structure

Surround the dome with standard bricks, using mortar to secure them in place and insulate around the top of the oven.

Step 12. Insulate the Oven

Fill the gaps around the dome and sides with insulation materials like vermiculite or broken bricks to enhance heat retention and efficiency.

Pizza Oven

Step 13. Complete the Flue

Build and finish the flue using firebricks, ensuring it allows proper ventilation while cooking and protecting the oven from weather elements.

Step 14. Build the Oven Door

Create a door template and construct it using plywood and insulating materials like vermiculite. This door helps regulate oven temperature and protects it from elements.

Step 15. Finish the Exterior

Add finishing touches to the outer brickwork of your oven, ensuring a cohesive and attractive appearance.

Step 16. Complete Thermocoupler Wiring

Finalize the wiring setup for the thermocouple, ensuring it’s properly connected for accurate temperature readings.

Step 17. Optional Touches

Enhance your oven with optional features like additional surface areas, storage for firewood, a flue topper, or protective covers.

Pizza Making Supplies

Equip yourself with essential tools and accessories like metal pizza paddles, a pizza cutter, and quality pizza dough ingredients for a fulfilling cooking experience.


Building your own outdoor pizza oven is a rewarding endeavor that transforms your outdoor space into a hub of culinary creativity. Whether you opt for a DIY approach or use a pizza oven kit, the satisfaction of creating delicious wood-fired pizzas and other culinary delights is unparalleled.

Embark on this journey and enjoy the process of building and cooking in your very own outdoor pizza oven!