What Are the Most Popular Pizza Toppings?

Pizza Toppings

Pizza, a beloved culinary creation, offers endless possibilities with its base of bread, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Whether made at home, ordered in, or enjoyed at a local pizzeria, selecting toppings is a crucial decision. While preferences can vary widely, certain toppings consistently stand out due to their universal appeal.


Pepperoni reigns supreme as America’s favorite pizza topping, favored for its savory flavor and classic appeal.


Despite being divisive, mushrooms add an earthy richness that complements both meat and veggie pizzas.


Available in various types, from mild to spicy, sausage remains a top choice among pizza enthusiasts.


Whether caramelized or crispy, onions provide a versatile flavor profile that enhances many pizza combinations.


Bacon’s salty, smoky taste makes it a popular addition to pizzas, often featured in gourmet and classic recipes alike.

Pizza Toppings

Extra Cheese

A must for cheese lovers, extra cheese ensures every bite is gooey and satisfying, enhancing the pizza’s overall richness.


Colorful bell peppers, whether green, red, yellow, or orange, add a satisfying crunch and sweetness to pizza.

Black Olives

Despite mixed opinions, black olives contribute a distinctive salty flavor to pizzas, particularly on deluxe or Mediterranean-style pies.


Popular in BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken, and chicken bacon ranch varieties, chicken offers a flavorful protein option.


While debated among pizza aficionados, pineapple’s sweet tang pairs uniquely with savory toppings like ham or bacon.


Fresh spinach adds a nutritious touch, often paired with garlic or ricotta for a lighter pizza option.

Fresh Basil

Aromatic fresh basil leaves lend a burst of herbal freshness to pizzas, complementing both meat and veggie toppings.


Commonly found on Hawaiian pizzas, ham adds a salty-sweet balance that pairs well with pineapple and cheese.


Offering a departure from traditional tomato sauce, pesto brings a vibrant, herbaceous flavor to any pizza creation.


From meatballs to steak slices, beef provides a hearty option that pairs well with robust cheeses and vegetables.

Most Popular Pizza Toppings in the United States

Research indicates that 62% of pizza lovers in the United States prefer meat toppings, while 38% opt for vegetables, showcasing the diverse preferences across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are alternatives to flour pizza dough?

For those seeking alternatives, consider using pita bread, naan, or gluten-free options like cauliflower or chickpea flour.

What are alternatives to traditional pizza sauce?

Explore sauces such as pesto or barbecue sauce to add a unique twist to your pizza base.

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