Where Was Mystic Pizza Filmed?

“Mystic Pizza,” a beloved romantic-comedy released in 1988, has forever linked the quaint village of Mystic, Connecticut, with its charming pizza parlor of the same name. Starring Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish, and Lili Taylor, the film captures the lives and romantic adventures of three young women working as waitresses at Mystic Pizza.

Filming Locations

The movie was primarily filmed in Mystic, CT, and its surrounding areas, which still retain much of their original charm and recognition from the film.

Mystic Pizza: 56 West Main Street

The real-life Mystic Pizza, located at 56 West Main Street, Mystic, Connecticut, served as the inspiration for the film’s setting. Although the interior scenes were filmed elsewhere, the pizzeria has become a major tourist attraction. Visitors can enjoy pizza while surrounded by memorabilia and purchase themed merchandise like t-shirts.

Mystic Pizza

Mystic River Bascule Bridge

The iconic Mystic River Bascule Bridge, featured prominently in the film, remains a notable landmark in downtown Mystic. Scenes such as Jojo’s emotional outburst at Bill from the bridge continue to evoke memories from the movie.

Other Key Locations

Several other locations in Mystic and nearby Stonington were used for filming:

  • Stonington Harbor Yacht Club: Served as the setting for the pizza parlor scenes, now functions as a sailing center.
  • Peg Leg Pub (Zack’s Bar and Grill): Located at 201 North Main Street, Stonington, where memorable scenes of Daisy impressing Charlie were filmed.
  • Miscellaneous Locations: Including churches, homes in Pawcatuck, and the Watch Hill Historic District in Rhode Island, where various scenes depicting the characters’ lives were shot.

Legacy and Tourism

Since its release, “Mystic Pizza” has significantly boosted tourism in Mystic. The popularity of the film has led to increased interest in visiting the locations where it was filmed, providing fans an opportunity to connect with the movie’s settings.


Visiting Mystic offers fans of “Mystic Pizza” a chance to explore the places immortalized in the film. Whether indulging in pizza at the original Mystic Pizza or strolling across the Mystic River Bascule Bridge, the charm and nostalgia of the movie continue to resonate with visitors today.

For those planning a trip, it’s advisable to watch the film beforehand to enhance the experience of recognizing these famous filming locations throughout Mystic and its neighboring areas.